George’s Hometown: Julian’s Tavern

As George Washington’s Ferry Farm prepares to celebrate the reconstruction of the Washington house, we traveled around George’s hometown – Fredericksburg, Virginia – to visit a few places important in the transformation of George from boy to man. Besides learning to survey and receiving his formal schooling, young George Washington also pursued an education in … Continue reading George’s Hometown: Julian’s Tavern

Video: How to Play Whist

Colonial Americans often played cards for leisure and enjoyment and one of the most popular card games of the period was Whist. In this video we show you how to play this game. You can read a bit about the history of playing cards themselves here.

How Washington Relaxed: A Short History of Playing Cards

As modern people, we tend to assume the past is a foreign land where residents’ lives are alien to our own. Would the founding fathers balk at how we dither away our time? Or would they recognize that life without its moments of levity is foolish? Eighteenth century America was a time of growing leisure … Continue reading How Washington Relaxed: A Short History of Playing Cards