Five Notable Americans Named George Washington

Parents, perhaps hoping to spur their offspring to similar greatness, have named their children George Washington ever since the most famous George Washington rose to prominence as commander of the Continental Army and the nation’s first president.  Few other George Washingtons ultimately achieved the original’s stature, although a few perhaps came close.  As we mark … Continue reading Five Notable Americans Named George Washington

Washington Birthday Wishes

This month marks the 284th anniversary of George Washington's birth. Americans have celebrated our first president's birthday since long before it became an official national holiday in the late 1800s.  In fact, early Americans even marked George's birth during his lifetime, most notably with "Birthnight Balls" that replicated the grand dances held in Britain to celebrate the monarch's birthday.  In 1879, an Act … Continue reading Washington Birthday Wishes

Video: George Washington’s Birthday at Ferry Farm

Celebrate George Washington’s 284th birthday at his boyhood home with fun activities for the whole family, including games, crafts, exhibits, the Stone Throw Challenge (weather permitting), history theater, and birthday cake! “General Washington” will attend the Birthday Celebration to talk about his youth on the farm! The video below is a preview of the celebration. … Continue reading Video: George Washington’s Birthday at Ferry Farm