The ‘Monuments Men’ of World War II Come to Kenmore

Editor's Note: This Memorial Day, we again remember 'The Monuments Men' and their invaluable work to locate and save European art looted by the Nazis during World War II as well as their continued efforts to conserve and preserve art after the war, including art at Historic Kenmore.  This post originally appeared on Lives & Legacies … Continue reading The ‘Monuments Men’ of World War II Come to Kenmore

‘King Lear’ in Washington’s Day: Part 1

Once again this summer, Historic Kenmore looks forward to its annual Shakespeare on the Lawn performances.  While settings and costumes may change, today’s Shakespeare audiences most usually witness performances that remain true to the artistry of an unchallenged master carefully crafting his words and stories for the Elizabethan age.  Two centuries ago, however, colonial-era theatregoers like … Continue reading ‘King Lear’ in Washington’s Day: Part 1

Coming Soon! William Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

Shakespeare on the Lawn at Kenmore returns this June with four performances of the popular drama, King Lear, performed by The Fredericksburg Players and directed by Fred Franklin. King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s most heart-breaking tragedies—the story of a father who puts his faith in his two treacherous, elder daughters while casting out his … Continue reading Coming Soon! William Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

Hanging Portraits in Kenmore’s Drawing Room

The George Washington Foundation's curators recently oversaw the hanging of portraits in Historic Kenmore's Drawing Room. Portraits of Fielding and Betty Lewis painted by John Wollaston as well as of John Lewis and Fielding Lewis, Jr. painted by Charles Willson Peale were returned to the room where they hung originally. In this video showing the … Continue reading Hanging Portraits in Kenmore’s Drawing Room